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North Carolina's Commitment to Ag Biotech

North Carolina's ecosystem is deeply rooted in life sciences and agriculture.  Here, diverse industry and agricultural assets, in partnership with a world-class work force, accelerate research, product development and manufacturing.  

The Place to Grow is North Carolina

Thinking about setting down roots? See why ag biotech businesses flourish in N.C.

Business Climate

  • An accessible mid-Atlantic location with a temperate four-season climate and dozens of micro-climates, giving rise to a diversity of growing climates across the state

  • A supportive environment where investment, bright ideas and people are brought together, represented by AgBio[sphere]

  • Low cost of living and high quality of life with amenities including abundant cultural, educational and leisurely travel opportunities, plus professional and college sporting events

See a full list of N.C. ag biotech companies within our NCBiotech Company Directory here.


N.C. boasts two land-grant universities with active research communities and numerous assets that make it an ideal setting for R&D.  And a network of scientific research facilities is conveniently located across the state.

Highly Trained Workforce

With a rich history in farming and top-notch higher ag education programs, N.C. appeals to promising students as well as scientific professionals. There is no better place to find qualified people. Just ask Medicago.