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About the North Carolina Precision Health Collaborative

Precision health is an approach to disease treatment and prevention that seeks to maximize effectiveness by taking into account individual variability in genes, environment and lifestyle. Precision health seeks to redefine our understanding of disease onset and progression, treatment response, and health outcomes through the more precise measurement of molecular, environmental, and behavioral factors that contribute to health and disease. This understanding will lead to more accurate diagnoses, more rational disease prevention strategies, better treatment selection, and the development of novel therapies.

Coincident with advancing the science of medicine is a changing culture of medical practice and research that engages individuals as active partners – not just as patients or research subjects. We believe the combination of a highly engaged population and rich biological, health, behavioral, and environmental data will usher in a new and more effective era of American healthcare.

North Carolina is no stranger to precision health. The timing – locally and nationally – is right for leaders to collaborate to address current and future healthcare challenges while promoting ongoing research and innovation for the future of precision health. 

For additional information, please see our Precision Health Collaborative (PDF).