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Bioinformatics Activity Bank

A searchable database of bioinformatics-related activities with lesson plans. Specifically geared for high school and AP students. The lessons span a variety of topics - from DNA, RNA & Genetics to Medical Problem Solving to Applied Mathematics to Computer Programming and more. 

The DNA Files

DNA Files contains high-quality recordings of radio programs on genetics, genetically-modified foods, gene therapy, biotechnology, transgenics, and more.

Secrets of the Sequence

With funding from the Pfizer Foundation and the National Academy of Sciences, Virginia Commonwealth University has assembled more than 50 of the best videos from the public television series, “Secrets of the Sequence” to assist teachers in the application of genetic research across the biology curriculum.  Each 8-10 minute video addresses a particular topic and is accompanied by classroom-tested lesson plans. 

PBS LearningMedia

PBS LearningMedia is a digital media service for educational use from public broadcasting and its partners. It provides  free, instant access to the best of public media , including videos, interactives, audio, photos, and in-depth lesson plans.

NIGMS:Science Education

The NIGMS provides e-publications, interactive online quizzes and puzzles, posters, fact sheets and curriculum supplements from this Science Education website.

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