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Getting Down to the Roots of Breeding Better Corn

Duke University scientist Philip Benfey, Ph.D., has co-founded his second startup company, Durham-based Hi Fidelity Genetics, to use data on roots to breed and sell corn seed with desirable traits.

NCBiotech Helps Wilmington Firm Energize Hog Waste

A new Wilmington company, Optima BioEnergy, is aiming to capture renewable natural gas from swine manure that would otherwise decay and pollute the atmosphere with greenhouse gases.

AgTech Accelerator Adds Elanco as Investor, Closes on $20M

AgTech Accelerator, a new Research Triangle Park firm focused on discovering and developing emerging agricultural technology companies, has closed on an additional $8.5 million in financing, nearly doubling its capital since its launch in May and bringing its total investments to $20 million.

$1.87M Grant Lets NCBiotech Lead SE Sorghum Initiative

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center, aided by a $1.87 million federal grant, has embarked on a three-year project to study the production of sorghum as biomass for fuel and high-value chemicals in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Ag Technologies Change Our World

“This is the best time ever to be alive and to be in agriculture,” Lowell Catlett, Ph.D, an economist and futurist, told the lunch session at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s AgBiotech Summit 2016.

In Her Own Words: Mary-Dell Chilton's Path to Greatness, and Her Call to Action

If anybody questions the importance of North Carolina’s foothold on agricultural biotechnology, have them talk to a local resident who knows firsthand: Mary-Dell Chilton, Ph.D. She is, after all, the mother of plant genetic modification.

Resources for Investors

Investors focus their efforts in North Carolina because the state has some $40 million in investment opportunity with the state’s entrepreneurial ag biotech companies. Our innovative technologies and product applications encompass a diverse range of sectors. Some of the tools NCBiotech has designed to give entrepreneurs a healthy start include:

Ag Biotech Among NC's 'SuperScieNCe' Economic Drivers

A study of the state’s life science landscape by the Battelle lists crop genetic engineering as one of six emerging life science technology sectors likely to flourish into the future. The  Technology Partnership Practice



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