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Recruiting, Growing Novo Nordisk Jobs is a Team Effort

When a chorus of cheers accompanies announcements like the $1.85 billion Novo Nordisk expansion in Clayton, the echo is a reminder: it's a team effort.

NCBiotech: A Unique Treasure for North Carolina

Daina Zeng, Ph.D.

By Daina Zeng, Ph.D., NCBiotech Guest Blogger

3 Tips For Job Search Success

People say that looking for a job is a job in itself, and that is very true. It takes time and effort, but it will pay off! I ended up with a job that I love, but did not even know it existed before I started looking. So keep an open mind and talk to everyone you can; even if they do not have a job for you, they may know someone who does. There are few better places to be looking for a job in the pharmaceutical/biotech/CRO worlds than North Carolina, so take advantage of your resources, and good luck!

I’ll Grant You This: It’s Not Only About the Science!

During the winter of 2013-14 I had the unique opportunity to participate in an internship at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center as a program analyst, observing the grant proposal process from the perspective of NCBiotech as a grant funding agency.

NCBiotech: Great People Doing Good

Even though their main focus is on creating high-paying life science jobs statewide, NCBiotech employees also make it a practice to step back occasionally to give directly to fellow citizens who aren’t lucky enough to be employed in the life science sector – or all too often, in any sector.

NCBiotech Awards Open Doors to Fed Funding


A recently published report by the Science Coalition (a group of research universities) lists companies around the United States that were bootstrapped by federal funding.

NC's $1.144B in IPOs Get (Some?) Respect

It’s interesting that North Carolina finally came up on the radar of Xconomy national biotech reporter Luke Timmerman, albeit reluctantly.

Timmerman had to put North Carolina atop the world’s regional clusters in a recent item headlined, “Which Regions Are Churning Out the Most Biotech IPOs?”

NCBiotech Celebrates Investment Trifecta

Clanging bells, popping corks and high-five cheers are rarities in the life sciences.

That’s why a recent “trifecta” win streak by three NCBiotech loan portfolio companies in a span of about 18 hours deserves a shout-out.

This Budding Scientist Needs Your Votes

Kennedy Kirkman is a passionate young woman with designs on a career in science. But this 11-year-old scientist needs your votes to get to the next level. A resident of China Grove, north of Charlotte, Kennedy has just been named one of three finalists in the science category of a national After School Awards competition.

One handshake is worth 1,000 emails

North Carolina’s presence at BIO serves many purposes. And one of the most valuable, often unexpected benefits for Pavilion partners is the chance to strengthen connections with other entities from throughout the state.


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