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NCBiotech: A Unique Treasure for North Carolina

Daina Zeng, Ph.D.

By Daina Zeng, Ph.D., NCBiotech Guest Blogger

Despite GSK Cuts, Raise a Glass (at least) Half Full

As we weigh the GSK layoff announcement, let’s be glad for what we have and celebrate what’s to come. Sure, things will never be the same. But the fact is, they never were anyway.

3 Tips For Job Search Success

People say that looking for a job is a job in itself, and that is very true. It takes time and effort, but it will pay off! I ended up with a job that I love, but did not even know it existed before I started looking. So keep an open mind and talk to everyone you can; even if they do not have a job for you, they may know someone who does. There are few better places to be looking for a job in the pharmaceutical/biotech/CRO worlds than North Carolina, so take advantage of your resources, and good luck!

LinkedIn – Be Found or Be Forgotten

In the last few years, it has become a professional requirement to have a robust LinkedIn profile. Job seekers must have an online profile to accurately represent them professionally; LinkedIn has become this important component of the job search. On May 19, 2014, William Blackmon, founder and CEO of Apogee Social Media Group, discussed how job seekers can leverage the power of social media and LinkedIn.

Looking for help? Try Our Job Seeker Resource Database

By Rachel Krasich, Ph.D., NCBiotech research analyst intern

“Where is best place to start looking for jobs?”

“How do I improve my resume so I get noticed?”

“What do I do if I want to switch fields?”

I’ll Grant You This: It’s Not Only About the Science!

During the winter of 2013-14 I had the unique opportunity to participate in an internship at the North Carolina Biotechnology Center as a program analyst, observing the grant proposal process from the perspective of NCBiotech as a grant funding agency.

NCBiotech Jobs Network: Working Effectively with Executive Recruiters

NCBiotech Jobs Network: Working Effectively with Executive Recruiters
Blog by Ali Ghiassi, Account Manager Aerotek and Steering Committee member, NCBiotech Jobs Network

NCBiotech Jobs Network Gets the Jobs Done

Those of us who are professional scientists who want to stay in North Carolina are luckier than many job seekers because of the help and guidance provided by the North Carolina Biotechnology Center. 

Play To Your Strengths

Your strengths help define you as a person and a working professional. Cultivating your strengths can help you make better decisions and ultimately lead a more fulfilling life. On August 26th, Betsy Smith joined the NCBiotech Jobs Network to discuss "Playing to your Strengths," presenting lessons from Tom Rath's StrengthsFinder 2.0 and her own experience as an executive coach.

Cultivating Resilience During the Job Search

Some 70 attendees of our most recent job network event on July 29 learned strategies for cultivating resilience during the job search. Six more joined the event by phone from The Catalyst Group in Charlotte. Executive coach and motivational speaker Sarah Levitt drew in the audience, sharing her own story of personal and professional transition.


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