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NCBiotech: A Unique Treasure for North Carolina

Daina Zeng, Ph.D.

By Daina Zeng, Ph.D., NCBiotech Guest Blogger

Play To Your Strengths

Your strengths help define you as a person and a working professional. Cultivating your strengths can help you make better decisions and ultimately lead a more fulfilling life. On August 26th, Betsy Smith joined the NCBiotech Jobs Network to discuss "Playing to your Strengths," presenting lessons from Tom Rath's StrengthsFinder 2.0 and her own experience as an executive coach.

Networking: A New Mindset

On June 25th, NCBiotech Jobs Network hosted Heather Hollick to deliver a talk entitled “Networking: A New Mindset.” Heather led us through her personal journey into the world of networking as an introvert. Based on the feedback we've received, she definitely delivered!

The Confident Interview, or at least how to fake it!

So you’ve been coming to NCBiotech Jobs Network events. You’ve developed the perfect resume and a great elevator pitch. You’ve built up your professional network, and you’ve landed an interview with a great company.

Now what?

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