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Industrial Fellowships

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center’s Industrial Fellowship Program provides the state’s Ph.D. scientists with an opportunity to gain industry experience and companies to benefit from new talent and expertise. The program is for recent doctoral graduates and postdoctoral fellows who would like to transition from academia to permanent employment in the state’s life sciences industry.

The Industrial Fellowship Program provides two years of funding for a scientist to work as an employee at a sponsoring company. A sponsoring company is a biotechnology R&D or contract research company with research operations in North Carolina. The company must have a senior scientist on staff to provide industry-oriented scientific mentorship.

Scientists who participate in the program gain industrial scientific experience and learn about the non-technical business activities associated with technology commercialization. Over the course of their fellowship, scientists will:

  • Contribute to the R&D or developmental efforts of the sponsoring company;
  • Gain a working knowledge of relevant business drivers (e.g., intellectual property, regulatory, investors, competition), deadlines, deliverables and team behavior; and
  • Become more readily employable via legitimate industry experience and established contacts.

Biotechnology Center and Company Contributions

The Biotechnology Center provides a significant part of salary and benefit support to the fellows. The sponsoring company is expected to provide a portion of the salary (see table below). The salary for a first-year fellow is $40,000 and $12,000 for benefits for a total funding of $52,000 per year. It is assumed that second-year fellows will receive a 3 percent cost-of-living increase.

Company Employee Size

Company Contribution

Biotechnology Center Contribution toward salary and benefits

Total Funding

10 to 25


$35,000 + $12,000


26 to 100


$30,000 + $12,000


more than 100


$25,000 + $12,000


Application Deadlines

Five fellowship positions are available for each annual program cycle. For 2013, the following deadlines apply:

Company application deadline:

March 5, 2013       (at 12:00 noon)

Biotechnology Center will review applications and pick five companies for 2013:

*On hold

Candidate application deadline:

*On hold

Biotechnology Center will forward resume of candidates to company:

*On hold

Company will conduct interviews and make decision:

*On hold

Fellow will start program at company:

*On hold

*IFP activities are on hold until further notice.
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For questions about the NCBiotech Industrial Fellowship Program, please contact Shobha Parthasarathi at (919) 541-9366, or e-mail