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Who's in the biotech industry in North Carolina?

The modern biotechnology industry includes a group of companies in North Carolina making different kinds of products, but all using different aspects of the biotechnology toolbox. Some of these companies are small research groups seeking to create a new technology or solve a new problem using biotechnology. Others are large multinational corporations in traditional industries, such as those producing pharmaceuticals, that adopt the tools of biotechnology to advance their research or improve production processes.

What Is a Biotech Company?

We use this term to refer to any company that uses biotechnology tools in its work. That covers a broad range of industries where people might use biotechnology, such as:

  • A pharmaceutical company developing a new cure for cancer
  • A chemical company making plastic from corn instead of petroleum
  • An environmental company finding new microorganisms to clean up oil spills
  • An agricultural company developing drought-resistant crops
  • An energy company using fermentation to make ethanol for fuel