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Fighting Disease

Faster Diagnosis:

Faster diagnoses lead to better treatment for many diseases, from strep throat to certain types of cancers.

New Treatments:

Biotechnology delivered the first new treatment for multiple sclerosis in over 20 years and the first new therapy for cystic fibrosis in over 30 years. New technologies are ushering in precision medicine opportunities for repairing or replacing defective genes and damaged cells.

Better Prevention:

New vaccines help prevent hepatitis, meningitis, and influenza. The $1 billion Seqirus biomanufacturing vaccine facility in Holly Springs, for example, produces flu vaccine entirely from mammalian cells that can bypass the traditional use of poultry eggs entirely.

Protecting Babies & Children

Pfizer Vaccines, formerly Wyeth Vaccines, is dedicated to making life-saving vaccines, including those that eliminated small pox and polio from the United States. Its 325,000-square-foot Sanford  facility is continuing this legacy.

In the last decade, the company's vaccines for meningitis, pneumonia, blood infections, and bacterial infections have significantly reduced infant and childhood mortality from these diseases around the world. Since Pfizer introduced its pneumonia vaccine for infants and toddlers, the incidence of the disease in children under age 2 has declined by almost 80 percent.