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NC Companies Succeed with Platform Technologies

SEBIO is all about bringing investment to life science in the southeast, and who better to tell the story of success than three previous showcase companies.

Liquidia, Metabolon and Viamet took the stage Wednesday after lunch. They discussed the differences between their companies and one that pursues a single therapy. The people most aware of those differences are the investors who fund these companies.

Investors told Viamet's President and CEO bob schotzinger that the company wasn't far enough along, and that they didn't have human data. (Platform companies often identify multiple compounds that have promise for development).

John Ryals said his first investor bought the idea behind metabolomics, while Kyle Chenet said investors got Liquidia's approach.

"The key driver is that is can be applied to multiple fields," Chenet said.

Platforms also raise an interesting question of Intellectual Property. These companies presented the math behind their platform, some of the processes that power it, and the compounds that are identified or produced by it.

These company leaders also had advice on structure, partnerships and exit strategies for other companies in the audience.

"Each business has a potential exit," Metabolon's Ryals said.

The panel was moderated by Hutchison Law Group's Fred Hutchison.