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Calvert Research, Tulane Team Up

Age-related macular degeneration, which attacks the light-sensitive cells at the back of the eye, is itself under attack from a North Carolina company.

Calvert Research, through its subsidiary Calvert T1, licensed from Tulane University a compound that targets and kills the blood vessels that cause one type of degeneration.

"This disease is of growing concern to millions of people as our population ages," said Russ C. McLauchlan, Chairman and CEO of Calvert Holdings.

"Calvert has a strong commitment to work with research universities such as Tulane to advance these research efforts."

Established in early 2005 to work with early-stage biotechnology companies to advance their lead drug candidates, Calvert Research has further evolved to working closely with Technology Transfer executives of major universities across the country to identify, license, and develop novel compounds and technology platforms in a variety of disease areas.

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