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The Biotechnology Center's staff is comprised of professionals who bridge the educational, research & business worlds. View our team by department.

Board of Directors

John C. Rabby Email Bio Chairman of the Board

Executive Department

Judy Orchard Email Bio Senior Executive Assistant
Doug Edgeton, MPH, MBA Email Bio President and CEO

Corporate Administration

Kelly Gangl, MOD, SPHR, CPC Email Bio Vice President, Human Resources
Patty Gravinese, CPA, CGMA Email Bio Vice President Finance and Accounting

Corporate Communications

Sarah Bernart Email Bio Marketing Manager
Robin Deacle Email Bio Vice President, Corporate Communications
Kim Marcom Email Bio Art Director
Jim Shamp Email Bio Director of Public Relations

Science & Business Development

Greta Brunet, MBA, PA-C Email Bio Director, Business and Technology Development
Hannah Cole Email Bio Program Manager, Science and Technology Development
Susie Corbett, MSLS Email Bio Vice President, Life Science Intelligence
Susan Craft, MLS Email Bio Research Analyst
Deborah De Email Bio Senior Director, Grant Process Operations
Vivian W. Doelling, Ph.D. Email Bio Senior Director, Business and Technology Development
Tracey du Laney, Ph.D. Email Bio Director, Science and Technology Development
Erika Gray Email Bio Program Coordinator, Centers of Innovation Program
Sara Imhof, Ph.D. Email Bio Senior Director, Precision Medicine
Sperry Krueger, MLIS Email Bio Senior Research Analyst
Susan Lankford Email Bio Director, Science and Technology Development
Robert A. Lindberg, Ph.D. Email Bio Vice President, Science and Technology Development
Jamie Martin Email Bio Program Manager, Business and Technology Development
Lori Melliere, MLS, MPA Email Bio Outreach and Client Services Librarian
Joseph Nixon, MBA Email Bio Vice President, Business and Technology Development
Karin Shank, MS, MLS Email Bio Senior Research Analyst
Dawn Silsbee Email Bio Executive Assistant, Science and Business Development
Erin Thacker Email Bio Director of Contract Administration, Corporate Finance
Mary Beth Thomas, Ph.D. Email Bio Vice President, Centers of Innovation Program
Kenneth R. Tindall, Ph.D. Email Bio Senior Vice President, Science and Business Development

Statewide Operations and Economic Development

William O. Bullock, MBA Email Bio Senior Vice President, Economic Development and Statewide Operations
Scott Johnson Email Bio Vice President, Agricultural Biotechnology
Laura Rowley, Ph.D. Email Bio Associate Director, Technology & Talent
Courtney Skunda Email Bio Director of Projects & Prospects
Michelle VonCannon, CSEP Email Bio Program and Event Manager, Agriculture Initative
Maria Welsh, MS, PMP Email Bio Project Manager, Biotechnology Crop Commercialization

Statewide Offices

Judy Berry Email Bio Regional Coordinator, Piedmont Triad Office
Corie Curtis Email Bio Executive Director, Greater Charlotte Office
Susan Hinson Email Bio Regional Coordinator, Greater Charlotte Office
Thomasyne Jefferson Email Bio Regional Coordinator, Eastern Office
Randall Johnson, MBA Email Bio Executive Director, Southeastern Office
Nancy Johnston Email Bio Executive Director, Piedmont Triad Office
Mark Phillips Email Bio Vice President, Statewide Operations and Executive Director, Eastern Regional Office
Jonathan Snover, Ph.D. Email Bio Executive Director of the Western Office