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Mission & History

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center is the oldest new-tech organization of its kind in the world.

Biotech was on the cusp of becoming a new industry in 1984 when Gov. Jim Hunt and other state leaders established the Biotechnology Center to capitalize on its economic promise.

The goal was to secure a future of meaningful employment statewide, as the traditional tobacco, textile and furniture markets eroded.

It worked. Today North Carolina is among the top-three states in bioscience employment. Its biotech base is one of the fastest-growing among the major biotech states. It’s the nation’s leading hub for contract research and testing companies. And it’s a world leader in vaccine research and manufacturing.

At the Biotechnology Center, We’re On a Mission

Specifically, to provide long-term economic and societal benefits to North Carolina through support of biotechnology research, business, education and strategic policy statewide.

The General Assembly funds the Biotechnology Center as a private, non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to biotechnology development. We’re headquartered in Research Triangle Park, with regional offices in Asheville, Greater Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Greenville and Wilmington.

We’re Doing What’s Right for the Jobs

The Center is not a site for laboratory research or company incubation. North Carolina has wet lab and other facilities for that.

We do have a professionally staffed library, however, that offers free access to high-dollar, high-value market research reports and other services.

It’s one of the many things we do to help create well-paying jobs in the life sciences. Some others include:

  • Serving as the statewide hub of life-science commercialization
  • Bootstrapping companies and new business sectors with loans and other support
  • Funding key faculty recruitment and commercially promising research
  • Linking academic, business, civic and policy leaders
  • Supporting workforce development activities
  • Providing curriculum development and workshops for educators