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Agricultural Biotechnology Summit 2012






Leadership in Ag Biotech: Shaping Future Strategies

October 10, 2012, McKimmon Center, NC State University

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North Carolina Strengthens Leadership in Ag Biotech

The North Carolina Biotechnology Center, North Carolina Agricultural Biotechnology Advisory Council and the Kenan Institute would like to thank everyone who participated in the recent Ag Biotech Summit 2012.  With over 340 registered statewide leaders and stakeholders gathering to ensure shared thinking, coordinated activities and goals to continue growing North Carolina's ag biotech industry, this was a resounding success. This Summit provided a vision for North Carolina to continue to identify and develop strategies to maintain its global leadership position in ag biotech.  In order to facilitate further discussion of these Summit topics and strategies, we have launched the North Carolina AgBiotech LinkedIn Group, and we invite you to join.

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Summit Highlights

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  • Bill Weldon's opening keynote address "Hunger/Health/Energy Challenges for World Technology" was well-received, quoting insightful statistics from the Elanco white paper Making Safe, Affordable and Abundant Food a Global Reality. "There has never been a time like right now to think about agriculture and our future. A lot of unrest in the world is based on food insecurity, record oil prices, commodity price spikes and trade restrictions." (download presentation)
  • Jack Bobo's vivid and inspirational lunch keynote addressed how "Global Megatrends Inform our Future," stating that despite the benefits and safety record of new food crops, educational efforts and dialogue need to increase with consumers and policy makers to ensure that biotech crops and products reach markets and continue to contribute to the resolution of global hunger, health and energy crises. (download presentation)

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Attendee Comments

  • "A great program with specific direction on how we can feed a hungry world.  We need to spread this good news."  Bob Etheridge, former North Carolina Congressional Representative
  • "The Ag Biotech Summit has been one of the most informative & thought provoking (events) I've ever attended.  Kudos to NCBiotech and conference committees."  Sharlini Sankaran, Ph.D., Executive Director, REACH NC (via Twitter)
  • "Good information was provided, along with a great networking opportunity." Lisa Zannoni, R.Ph., Head of Global Biotechnology Regulatory Affairs and Stewardship, Syngenta Biotechnology

Please visit the NCBiotech site to learn more about the North Carolina Ag Biotech Initiative and the latest in Ag Biotech News


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