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We make connections that create biotech jobs...

The Proof’s in the Data

$73 B in economic activity. 228,000 jobs. 30.9 percent job growth. 4X the national average. However you measure growth, our life science industry has it. Read more in this report from Battelle.


Join NCBiotech at BIO 2015

Team up with NC's top industry players for the largest life-science conference in the U.S., the 2015 BIO International Convention.

Now It’s Biogen, an Alzheimer’s Threat

Biogen Idec has resumed its former name of Biogen, on the heels of a promising report on safety and effectiveness of its Alzheimer’s therapy in development.

Sorghum: The New Cash Crop for Regional Livestock Feed

NCBiotech gets creative with industry partners to feed locally grown milo, reduce burden of cross-country corn imports.

Entrepreneurship Options for GSK Alums

Successful entrepreneurs tell their stories of post-GSK challenges, opportunities in NCBiotech-developed event for hundreds facing layoffs.


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BIO 2015
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Milo Makeover
GSK Alums Reboot

We make connections that create biotech jobs...

Battelle Life Science
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