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We make connections that create biotech jobs...

Doug Edgeton named president & CEO

Doug Edgeton sees life science’s many benefits for humanity. He wants to make sure North Carolina leads the way. Read more about NCBiotech’s new leader.

Designer Dogwoods

NCBiotech grants make good things blossom. For instance, a $100K Collaborative Funding Grant has led to a disease-resistant dogwood tree for NC nurseries to sell nationwide.

$1.5M in NCBiotech Awards; $77M+ After Loans

NCBiotech awarded $1.5M in loans and grants statewide during the last quarter, while former loan recipients enjoyed $77M+ in outside funding during the period.

BioCryst Might Beat Ebola - Someday

The NIH just added $4.1M to the Durham drug company’s $22M grant, to help develop its Ebola shot. But its future is in the future, not in today’s news.

NCBiotech Names New Leader
Designer Dogwoods
Ebola Hope


Sifting through mounds of comments from reviewers, we’ve come up with four “Must-Have” nuggets for converting your funding request to a funding event... read more

We make connections that create biotech jobs...

NC's the World's Vaccine Leader

Do the math.  Flu season's coming.  Chikungunya's coming. Dengue's coming.  NC's the world's vaccine leader.  Feel better?